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Feline Cast:

SnowCrash: SnowCrash is an approximately 9-year old white kitten with a penchant for curiousity and playing... and being melodramatic. He's learned to manipulate his meows to make it sound like he's dying when he's hungry. He loves playing, eating, and cuddling with Rob and Tania. He tolerates Emily's relentless attention and sometimes chases Cinnamon around the house, seemingly just to terrify her. Aliases include: White Thing, Sparky, Fuzzy Man, Mr. Fuzzy, Mr. Man, Dude, Little Dude, Little Man, Mr. Dude, Mr. Fuzzy Man, etc. He was named for a book by Neil Stephenson.

Ethel: Ethel is an approximately 8 year old tortoiseshell. She joined our family in August, 2014, after living at Chesapeake Cats & Dogs for 3 and a half years. Her favorite place to be is on Tania's lap, though she will settle for Rob's if Tania's lap is unavailable. Aliases include: Grumpy, Ms. Grumpy, Grumpy-pants.

Zathras: Zathras is a 6-year-old black cat who used to have strange mutant white hairs. He was given to us at Christmas 2008, unneutered and attention-starved. After being quarantined for three days and then neutered, he was released into the household and quickly became very fond of Snowcrash. He enjoys running around the house, harassing the other cats, gnawing on plastic bags and cardboard boxes, jumping up onto places previously unreachable by cats, cuddling and purring loudly when hungry, and generally causing mischief. He and Cinnamon have become inseparable. Aliases include: Mr. Fluffy, His Fluffiness, the Black Fox (from "The Court Jester" movie), Mr. Z, Death Ferret, Child of Evil, and Destructo-Kitty. Zathras's name comes from a character in the sci-fi TV series "Babylon 5" who said things like: "Zathras is used to being beast of burden to other people's needs. Very sad life. Probably have very sad death. But, at least there is symmetry."

Emily: Emily is a 5-year-old blue female who joined our family in February, 2014, after living at Chesapeake Cats & Dogs for nearly 5 years. She's very shy, but slowly growing out of it, and is totally and completely in love with Snowcrash. Aliases include: Cuddle Ninja, Ninja.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a 5-year-old female orange tabby who joined our family in February, 2010. She was found feral as a kitten and rescued by Chesapeake Cats & Dogs, the local feline rescue where Tania volunteers. She's very vocal, with an unusual loud chirp, very attached to Tania and Rob (but still a bit hesitant around strangers), gets along great with the other 4 cats (especially Zathras), and loves to play. Aliases include: Cimmamim, Synonym, Squeakers, Pipsqueak, Tiny, Tiny the Terror, Skinny Min, Goober, and Squeak-a-chu.

In Memory Of:

Kosette: Kosette was just 18 days shy of her 18th birthday when we made the decision to put her down. She had developed a brain tumor and was suffering from confusion, anxiety, and memory loss—in addition to her kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, and severe osteoarthritis. She was a grey tabby cat born August 24th, 1996. She had a very small "mew" for her size and her favorite thing to do in her old age was to sleep in her warm bed and cuddle with Rob or Tania. She and Snowcrash used to be quite close, but this tapered off as she grew too old to play with him. Her favorite feline companion in her old age was Cinnamon, who nuzzled her gently when she wasn't not feeling well. Aliases included: Stupid-Fat, Fats McGee, Fatso, McFats, Blob, Fur-tumor, Hamhocks, Jupiter-Butt, The Fat One, Turkey-butt, Fat-Stuff, KosettaMonster, KosettaMuffin, Cookie Monster, and Farfenugan (I have no idea, so don't ask).

Min: Min was only 12 years old when she developed very aggressive intestinal lymphoma. In a matter of weeks, we had to put her down to end her suffering. She was a lovely cuddly blue cat who Rob used to call his "girlfriend" and "dear". Although she was the fourth cat to our house and for a few years was the only cat in her previous home, she quickly adapted to the dynamics of life in a house of cats. She and Snowcrash had a bit of a feud for Rob's attention, but she always was happy with us. She feared Sugar during the time when we had them both, and had an odd habit of rattling her tail instead of swishing it like most cats. Aliases included: Dear, Min-Min, Minnie-Min, Wiggles, Min-Mei (Robotech forever!), Minster, Minifred, Minifer, and occasionally when she responds to nothing else, Minnie-minnie-min-a-min.

Sugar: Sugar was our 17-year-old Siamese cat, who was also the first cat in our home, and the one that gave us the idea to start this comic. She lived a long and happy life plotting the demise of all of our other cats until we had to put her down in 2008. Like most cats, she enjoyed sleeping and eating, but what set her apart was her personality. Since she was a Siamese, she talked all the time, and even seemed to teach our other non-Siamese cats to talk. She also loved cuddling with us. Aliases by Rob included: Sugar-butt, Sparky, psycho, whack-job, Mrs. Cranky-Pants, Cranky-butt, Chicken-butt, fossil, and Honey-Honey (from the line following 'Sugar' in the song 'Candy Girl'). Tania often called Sugar Sugs and baby girl.

Guest Characters:

Mr. (Mouse) Toy: Mr. Toy never goes by his first name, in hopes of gaining some measure of respectability, which is hard when you're a Cat Toy. He was obtained in order to amuse Kosette and help her lose weight, but she usually just kicks him accident, causing him to squeak and her to jump in fear. He quickly allied himself with Sugar in their mutual irritation at Kosette and goal to get rid of her. It is rumoured that he has ties to the Cat Toy Underworld, but none have been substantiated.

Mr. Red (Guard): Formerly a popular eraser, created in the image of the Emperor's Red Guards from the Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi, now a very unskilled hitman. He was hired by Mr. Toy and Sugar to 'take care of the Kosette problem' but ended up befriending her instead. Now he's more useless than ever, hanging out with Kosette and reminscing about the glory years before George Lucas embraced the Dark Side of selling out. Spends most of his time "hatin' the man". As of recent, he may have embraced the Dark Side as Lord Eraser, under the influence of Darth Sugarous, a mysterious new Lord of the Sith.

Auron: Auron was our crayfish, who died in late 2007 and was featured in several comics. His interests included escaping his tank, getting out of his tank, swimming to the top of his tank in hopes of getting out, and jumping up and smacking his head on the top of his tank to try to escape his tank. Aliases included: The Crab, The Monster, The Crawfish, The Crayfish, Houdini (from the one time he did get out), and Cajun Food.

The Humans:

Tania: Tania was Sugar's primary owner. Tania received Sugar when she was 4 months old, and met her the day after she was born. They always had a special connection, and Tania spoiled Sugar rotten. (She loved it, of course.) Tania is also the creator of this website and takes the pictures used in the comics. You can learn more about Tania by clicking here.

Rob: Rob is Tania's husband. Rob liked Sugar enough, and they even learned to play nicely together in the time since he inherited her through marriage to Tania. He also inherited Kosette and Min through his marriage to Tania, so it cannot be said that she did not come with a sizable dowry. He also creates the comics and types this and talks about himself in the third person.


The sketch comic begins when the day before Tania and Rob were married. Tania, Tania's mom, and Tania's stepdad spent 9 hours driving Sugar and a lot of Tania's stuff to Maryland, where Rob lived (and still lives). Sugar was taken into the apartment and (after a bunch of stuff had been put away and Tania suspected Sugar needed to use her litterbox) was let out of the cat carrier. This comic tells the story of what happens after that.

The snapshot comics begin the day that Kosette arrived, which also signalled the beginning of the feline war of attrition for attention. SnowCrash the kitten joined our family circus in January 2006, shifting the balance of feline politics forever. Min joined us in May of 2007, becoming SnowCrash's second major love interest (since Sugar always rejected him). We lost Sugar to kidney failure in April, 2008. Zathras joined us in December of 2008, adding a new element of chaos to our lives. Cinnamon joined our family in February of 2010, bringing with her color and vibrance. We lost Min to intestinal lymphoma in January, 2014. Emily joined us in February of 2014, restoring balance to our home.

Comic is (ideally) updated weekly on Saturdays. Images and Artwork © Rob Harrison, 2005-2014; Design © Line by Line web design.